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Washdown Scales

Adam Equipment offers a broad selection of durable, IP-rated washdown scales for all types of weighing tasks. All washdown scales can be thoroughly hosed down or washed with a pressure washer, as they incorporate stainless steel parts and watertight seals.

Ideal for use in many industries, Adam washdown scales are well-suited for weighing food and beverages, powders, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or for any application needing a sealed scale for wet or dusty environments. This allows for removal of any residual particles after weighing, which minimizes the possibility of cross-contamination, removes dirt build-up and helps eliminate the growth of bacteria, mould or other toxins.

Our Products

Washdown Scales

  1. Gladiator Waterproof Scales

    Gladiator scales achieve washdown weighing tasks in demanding food, pharmaceutical and industrial settings. Checkweighing is speedy, with a tactile keypad and backlit display that changes colour to show if the weight is over, under or within the set limit. Boasting an IP68 rating, Gladiator features easy-to-clean stainless steel construction and a sealed indicator that is protected in dusty or wet environments.

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    Capacity : 6kg to 300kg

    Readability : 0.2g to 0.05kg

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  2. Aqua® ABW Washdown Scales

    Designed for applications needing frequent washdown, Aqua ABW scales come in a selection of capacities and readabilities. ABW offers an IP67 rating and features a stainless steel pan to withstand demanding industrial and food processing environments.

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    Capacity : 4kg to 32kg

    Readability : 0.5g to 5g

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  3. Aqua® ABW-S Stainless Steel Waterproof Scales

    For ultimate dependability, the Aqua ABW-S boasts IP68 waterproof protection, meaning it’s suitable for weighing messy or dusty materials in demanding environments.

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    Capacity : 4kg - 32kg

    Readability : 0.5g - 5g

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  4. WBW Washdown Scales

    Designed for applications needing frequent washdown, WBW and WBW-M scales come in a selection of capacities and readabilities. IP66-rated housing and stainless steel pan withstand demanding industrial environments. WBW-M offers approved weighing.

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    Capacity : 1.5kg to 16kg

    Readability : 0.5g to 2g

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